Light Relief Review: Is It As Good As They Say?

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  • Does not cover large areas in one application. It is small sized so you will have to apply areas one at a time.
  • Not intended for permanent relief. If you expect it to eliminate pain for good then you will be disappointed. It is intended for common muscle and joint pains in the back, neck, knees, and other parts of the body.

Real User Reviews

We collected a few excerpts taken from other Light Relief reviews to give you idea what most users are saying about the device. These comments essentially describe the majority’s opinion on the product.

Does It Really Work?

While experiences among users are expected to vary, it is evident based on reviews which are mostly slanted toward positive that it actually delivers. Many agree that it is more efficient compared to pills, heating pads, and topical treatments. A lot of users who have been suffering from arthritis have reported that it remarkably changed their lives as the frequency of pain has diminished and temporary relief is quick and easy to achieve.

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