Procera AVH Review: What You Don’t Know

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Is stress affecting your memory, mental focus, and disposition? If you think Procera AVH can help you overcome these issues then read on as we reveal all the facts including the good, the bad, and the ugly plus real user reviews so you can make a smarter decision afterward.

What Is It?

Procera AVH is designed as a natural solution for forgetfulness, poor focus, brain fog, mental fatigue, and mood swings brought on by stress, aging, poor diet, and loss of sleep. It is apparently a patented doctor developed non-prescription nutritional supplement formulated to improve clarity, mental performance, energy, and mood. The product is made of a propriety blend of ingredients which have been proven over 50 years to be safe and effective in improving memory and other brain functions.

How Does It Work?

It achieves its purpose through multiple mechanisms of actions. The first thing it does is to increase the circulation of blood to and throughout the brain which is highly imperative for delivering more oxygen and essential nutrients that the brain needs for nutritional support. The supplement also augments the brain’s energy metabolism which leads to improved focus, memory, alertness, and other cognitive functions. Moreover, the formula enhances the neurotransmitters which are worn out by loss of sleep, stress, aging, and unhealthy diet.

The secret to Procera supplement’s ability to wake up a sluggish brain is Vinpocetine, derived from vincamine which is a natural extract from the periwinkle flower. It has been shown that vinpocetine energizes the brain by augmenting blood flow and by improving the brain’s uptake and utilization of oxygen and glucose. Its exceptional ability to enhance the memory and mood, though, lies on its capability to restore depleting levels of the key neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Recommended Dosage

Suggested daily serving size is two to three capsules a day which should be taken all at the same time with meal or snacks. For more boost in the morning, you may Procera memory supplement with breakfast or early morning snack. If, however, you need more power in the afternoon, you may take it with lunch or afternoon snack. It should not be taken on an empty stomach, though.


  • Clinically tested. Procera AVH was subjected to extensive, randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials in the Brain Sciences Institute, a leading neurocognitive research university in Australia. Its proprietary blend formulation has been tested with a relatively large group of cognitively healthy male and female participants ages 22 to 65.
  • Safe. While you may experience mild stomach upset if you take the supplement on an empty stomach, there has been no known serious side effects when taken as directed. The formula has been known to work synergistically with common nutritional ingredients and is covered under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). It is also worth noting that Procera does not contain stimulants although you will notice that your brain is sharper, more alert and awake.


  • Price. It is a quite expensive to maintain this brain supplement.

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