Prosvent Review: Does It Really Work?

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Your options before were to take expensive drugs, go for a painful surgery, or live with the pain and embarrassment for the rest of your life. None of those alternatives sound reassuring but since natural prostate health supplements started to assemble on the market, men suffering from prostate issues now have a wider selection of potential remedies. So if you are wondering whether or not Prosvent could bring you ultimate relief, then search no further. This article reveals all you have to know about this product, including its benefits and drawbacks. What actual users have to say about the product can also be found on the next page.

What Is Prosvent?

Like its competitor Super Beta Prostate, Prosvent is a nutritional supplement containing a synergistic blend of top quality natural ingredients such as Saw Palmetto and Beta-sitosterol. It is formulated by Harvard graduate, Dr. Larry May who has been known for helping thousands reverse and control enlarged prostate problem.

What Is In It?

The comprehensive formula is composed of a proprietary blend of Saw Palmetto, Beta-sitosterol, nettle extract, pumpkin seed oil, pygeum, and lycopene. The supplement also contains Vitamin D, Selenium, and Zinc which has been linked to prostate health.

How Does It Work?

The secret to its success lies in its formula of rejuvenating herbs and nutrients which are designed to relieve symptoms associated to prostate issues such as hesitancy, urgency and frequency of urination, diminished sex drive and so on. When taken regularly, the powerful nutrients in the form of natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals apparently work well together in reversing your symptoms and ultimate relief should be experienced within 30 days.


Regularly taking one soft gel two times daily, preferably with meal or as advised by your health specialist will result to:

  • Improved urinary function
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Restoration of youthful vigor and sex drive
  • Natural preservation of prostate health
  • Improved immune response and overall health


  • Safe to use. It is a natural solution with little to no side effects when taken properly or as directed. The ingredients include powerful vitamins, minerals, and potent antioxidants that are not only good for the prostate alone but are beneficial for overall health.
  • Customer satisfaction. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee so your purchase is protected in case you find the supplement unsatisfactory.


  • Side effects. Although it is made from high quality all natural ingredients that are proven safe to use, you may still experience some minimal side effects as every person responds to any supplement differently. Minor side effects include stomach upset, constipation, or diarrhea.
  • Maintenance. As with any supplement, you will have to commit to taking it regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle so you can get all the benefits and total relief from your symptoms.

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