Wartrol Review: Does It Really Work?

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Review Summary

Wartrol is a proven wart solution based on careful and thorough clinical studies. A few drops of this treatment directly fights warts for painless and effective relief that  you need the most. With fast-acting FDA-approved ingredients, you can now be free of horrible, gross, and hideous lumps.

Warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus or HPV that penetrates the body through tiny cuts or other susceptible areas of the skin. These warts are unsightly and can be painful as well. While there are several treatment methods for warts, application of topical solution is usually favored by many since it is noninvasive and does not require medical professional help. One of the popular wart remedies on the market today is Wartrol. If you are considering this solution then read on to find out how it works, how it is used, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and what actual users are saying about it.

What Is It?

Formulated with FDA approved ingredients, Wartrol is supposedly a clinically proven over-the-counter treatment for warts caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). It claims to safely and effectively remove verruca, body, flat and plantar warts with its maximum strength, fast acting, and painless liquid formula.

How Does It Work?

This product helps initiate Keratolysis – a process that thins the toughened layers of the skin caused by HPV, so they can shed. Shedding weakens the virus and it leads to the easy and effective removal of warts. With FDA approved ingredients and natural oils, it does not only eliminate the warts but it also restores the affective skin to its natural state.

The secret to its success is its mixture of ingredients that have long been used to safely and effectively remove warts. Each component has been clinically proven and together they make a complete potent formula for safe and painless removal of warts.
The formula contains 17% of salicylic acid, the key ingredient of Wartrol which is known to eliminate HPV. Other ingredients include ascorbic acid, menthol, ethyl alcohol, polysorbate-80, flexible collodion, and hydroxypropylcellulose.

How Is It Used?

Instead of painful and messy methods of removing warts, the following are simple steps to apply the treatment.

  1. Dip the applicator into the liquid solution bottle
  2. Apply the solution to the wart and wait for about 60 seconds to air dry.
  3. The third step is to simply allow the solution to dissolve which takes only about 18 to 19 minutes. There is no need to cover the wart with clothing or band-aid at this stage.

Repeat the same steps every day until the wart is finally eliminated.


  • FDA approved ingredients. It uses most of the same ingredients administered by medical professionals to remove warts in their offices. Individually, these ingredients have been clinically proven and approved by FDA for the safe treatment and removal of warts.
  • Cost effective. Because there is no need to have your warts removed by a healthcare practitioner, there is no expensive procedure and no additional cost such as professional or doctor’s fee. You get safe and effective treatment for just a fraction of what you would normally spend at the doctor’s clinic.
  • Over-the-counter. It is readily available as it requires no prescription. It lets you obtain the same benefits you would get from a procedure administered by professionals without the need to visit the doctor.


  • No quick relief. It is no miracle cure that would eliminate warts overnight. You will have to religiously apply the solution on a daily basis for at least two weeks to start noticing favorable results. Topical solutions usually take some time to finally deliver long-lasting benefits.

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